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Design Case Studies HI-MACS®

Designers create awe-inspiring spaces using HI-MACS®.

The limitless possibilities of HI-MACS® inspire designers around the globe and allow creations to be produced that would not be possible with conventional materials. Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, Jean Nouvel, Marc Newson, David Chipperfield and many others have already constructed breathtaking rooms and spaces using HI-MACS®. The material thus inspires the creativity of experienced masters and young, fresh designers alike, irrespective of whether they are working on integrated design concepts or complex interior designs. Experiment with HI-MACS®, the material is happy to go along with you.


Hidrosalud Headquarters Offices, Spain

Thanks to HI-MACS®, the studio Cuartopensante Arquitectura Interior managed to bring a commercial and high-profile image value to the administrative spaces of Hidrosalud, a Spanish company from Valencia that operates in the complete water treatment sector.




The HI-MACS® House in Bavaria, Germany


A stunning villa, totally made in HI-MACS® Solid Surface. The material is found in nearly every detail of the house – from the parapet cladding to the terrace to the exclusive interior areas.



Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich, by NAU Architecture and DGJ

Designed by Zurich based international design firm NAU Architecture in collaboration with studio Drexler Guinand Jauslin, the interior of the Open Lounge connect the history and the rich cultural past of the building by exhibiting portraits of the most prominent past residents in the walls – made out of Solid Surface HI-MACS® with a highly technological process.




Torre de Cristal (Cristal Tower)


The A-cero studio interior design project was implemented on the top floors of Madrid’s Glass Tower skyscrapers using HI-MACS®.



HI-MACS® gives accent to Zara


Fashion chain Zara’s flagship store in west London’s prestigious Westfield shopping phenomenon has a stunning façade made from the futuristic solid surface HI-MACS® material.





HI-MACS® Essential light for Oakley

Eyewear and clothing brand OAKLEY’s showroom in Barcelona, designed by Spanish studio Machado Architects, is completely made from the stunning lucent range of HI-MACS® Solid Surface.




HI-MACS® wears ALV

ALV’s new showroom is the true expression of Milanese architecture and fashion design. Versatile HI-MACS® was part of the adventure.



HI-MACS® facade element

Leonardo Glass Cube: HI-MACS® even defines the façade of this building.

Even the most extravagant client requirements can be made a reality with HI-MACS®, thereby creating the potential for revolution. This was the case with the Leonardo Glass Cube project.



Bar made of HI-MACS® with backlighted Ornaments

Hotel Puerta America: Renowned architects build entire floors out of HI-MACS®.

What happens when 19 of the best architects and designers in the world jointly design a hotel together? What emerges at the end is a fantastic architectural world of experiences.



Arrow made of HI-MACS® with intgrated display at the exhibition stand of AUDI

The AUDI exhibition stand scores with “Truth in Engineering”.

Audi represents state of the art design and engineering. A brand name like Audi clearly prefers to surround itself with partners that think in the same way, in terms of design and engineering.



Waiting room with bar made of HI-MACS®

HI-MACS® was convincing throughout the entire interior fit-out of this surgery.

This interior fit-out was definitely worth doing: the waiting room of this dental surgery now looks much more like a comfortable lounge, most certainly also down to the warm atmosphere conveyed by HI-MACS®.



Table made of white HI-MACS®

Inimitable furniture design thanks to HI-MACS®.

The furniture trade fair in Milan continues, as before, to showcase international design trends in interiors. This is where the major manufacturers and designers present their ideas to a global public.



Bed, desk and bathtube seem to be one piece, made of white HI-MACS®

Furniture design with a futuristic 3D look dazzles with HI-MACS®.

This spectacular exhibition piece makes use of the wealth of design benefits of HI-MACS®. The “sleeping-bathing landscape” was exhibited at “The Sleep Event" in London’s Business Design Centre.