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S 22 (19/12/9/3** mm)

Dark night*

S111 (19/12mm)

Deep Indigo*

S115 (19/12mm)

Coffee Brown*

S100 (19/12 mm)

Mazarin Blue*

S107 (19/12 mm)

Sky Blue

S203 (19/12 mm)


S05 (19/12/9/6 mm)

Steel Grey*

S109 (19/12 mm)

Midnight Grey*

S117 (19/12 mm)

Greenish Gray

S112 (19/12mm)

Festival Pink*

S116 (19/12 mm)


S113 (19/12mm)

Fiery Red*

S 25 (19/12/3** mm)

Florida Orange*

S105 (19/12 mm)


S27 (19/12 mm)


S26 (19/12 mm)

Lemon Squash*

S106 (19/12 mm)

Light Green*

S212 (19/12 mm)

Marta Grey*

S108 (19/12 mm)

Mill Olive*

S114 (19/12mm)

Toffee Brown*

S104 (19/12 mm)

Jasmine Green*

S 101 (19/12 mm)

Concrete Grey*

S103 (19/12 mm)


S110 (19/12mm)

Babylon Beige

S102 (19/12/9 mm)


S02 (19/12 mm), ΔE3

Nougat Cream

S201 (19/12/3** mm)


S 09 (19/12/6/3** mm), ΔE3

Satin White

S 01 (19/12/9/6 mm)

Arctic White

S 06 (19/12/9/6/3** mm)

Nordic White

S033 (19/12 mm), ΔE4

Ivory White

S 29 (19/12/9/6 mm), ΔE4

Alpine White

S 28 (19/12/9/6/3 mm), ΔE3

Diamond White

S034 (19/12mm), ΔE4


The raw materials used in HI-MACS® are identical for all colours but there is a higher percentage of natural pigments used in darker tones that need more intensive care. The colours highlighted with a * are therefore more suited to surfaces that will be subjected to less wear and tear and are thus preferably used as contrasts or for inlay work. There may be deviations between the illustrated and actual colours owing to your screen display.


** thickness on special order only.